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45 Ton Reach Stacker

45 ton reach stacker is specially designed for 20-foot and 40-foot international standard containers. Compared with forklifts, it has the advantages of maneuverability and flexibility, convenient operation, good stability, lower wheel pressure, high stacking layers, and high utilization of the container yards. The reachstacker can carry out cross-container operations, especially suitable for container loading and unloading in small and medium ports, railway transfer stations and highway transfer stations, and can also be used as auxiliary equipment in large container terminals.

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Structural Features of 45 Ton Container Reach Stacker

  • The reach stacker is equipped with a multifunctional telescopic spreader, which is suitable for loading and unloading 20-40ft containers. It can turn left and right, move horizontally, and tilt, which is convenient for container positioning and passing through narrow passages.
  • The telescopic boom with load-bearing pitching can realize the combined action of vehicle driving and boom telescoping.
  • An anti-sway device is installed between the boom and the spreader to reduce the swing of the container during lifting, braking and driving.
  • The container reach stacker 45 ton can stack multiple layers of containers and carry out cross-container operations.
  • There are a variety of protection devices to ensure safe operation.
  • Whenthe spreader is equipped with lifting claws, the container semi-trailer can be hoisted together to realize rail and road combined transportation.
  • The reachstacker can be equipped with different spreaders to lift various types of heavy cargoes.
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Common Applications of 45 Ton Reach Stacker Machine

  • Container freight yardand transfer station
  • Terminal container yard
  • Container distribution center of railway station
  • Equipped with a hook and used as a rubber tired crane
  • In some cases, it can be equipped with a timber grab to be used as a timber loading and unloading machine.

45 Ton Container Reach Stacker for Sale
45 Ton Container Reach Stacker

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Reachstacker for Railway Container Yard

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Technical Parameters of Reach Stackers

Lifting Capacity

The lifting capacity of the container reach stacker is determined by the rated lifting load and the weight of the spreader.

The rated lifting load is generally determined by the maximum total weight of the container to be lifted.

For the international standard 40-foot container, the maximum weight is 30.5t. The weight of the spreader is about 10t.

Lifting Height

The lifting height of the reachstacker is the stacking height, which is generally 4-5 layers of containers.

For example, for 8ft 6in (2.591m) containers, plus a certain safety clearance, the lifting height is generally about 11m.

If five layers of containers are to be stacked, the lifting height should not be less than 12.955m, generally about 13m.

Working Range

Generally, when working on the first row of containers, the distance between the outer edge of the front wheel and the container is about 700mm, and the minimum working range should be 2m from the outer edge of the front wheel.

When working on the second row of containers, the distance between the front wheel and the first row of containers is about 500mm, and the minimum working range is 4.1m from the outer edge of the front wheel.


The reach stacker is mainly used in cargo yard operations, and it is required to be able to adapt to the narrow site conditions, so the width and length of the vehicle need to be controlled. In addition, the stability of the whole machine and the force of the frame should also be considered.

Generally, the container stacker is required to be able to turn on a right-angle passage of about 7.5m, and turn 90° in a passage of about 9.5m.

Therefore, the minimum turning radius is required to be about 8.5m, the maximum wheelbase is about 5500mm, the length of the vehicle body with boom is about 500-8000mm, and the body width is generally about 3500-4000mm.


The operating distance of the 45 ton reach stacker is generally within 40-50m, which is more reasonable. If the distance is too far, a trailer should be used for horizontal transportation to the yard.

The reach stacker is only allowed to travel at low speed when it is fully loaded, because the machine has a large dead weight, and when lifting 40t, the total weight of the whole machine can reach 110t. Therefore, if the driving speed is too fast, it will have a greater impact on climbing, braking, stability of the whole machine, as well as engine power.

Generally, the maximum speed at full load generally does not exceed 10km/h. It can drive at high speed when no-load, generally about 25km/h.

Learn About the Structure of the Reach Stacker

The container reach stacker is composed of three parts: engineering machinery chassis, telescopic boom, and container spreader.

The chassis is composed of engine, power shift transmission, front axle, rear axle, steering system, cab, frame, counterweight, wheels, etc.

The telescopic boom has a telescopic cylinder, a pitch cylinder, a boom, etc.

The reach stacker spreader is composed of a rotating mechanism, a top frame, a connecting frame, a bottom frame, a telescopic frame, a telescopic cylinder, an anti-sway cylinder, a side shift cylinder, a rotary lock cylinder, etc. It can be adjusted according to the size of the container.

The reach stacker can be equipped with different spreaders to meet various working conditions and material handling requirements, including general spreaders, tilting spreaders, tower and bulk cargo spreaders, empty container spreaders, heavy spreaders, log spreaders, electromagnetic spreaders and so on.

Reach Stacker Spreader

Convenient Inspection And Maintenance

The inspection and maintenance of the 45 ton reach stacker is very convenient and quick.

  • Reasonable pipeline and circuit layout can effectively reduce cross interference and facilitate equipment inspection and maintenance.
  • Largeinspection and maintenance space. Engine, gearbox inspection, and fuel filler are concentrated in one area, which is convenient for maintenance.
  • It is equipped with a resettable fuse and an independent fault detection interface, so fault detection and maintenance are more convenient.
  • The high-position engine air intake can effectively avoid the dust area, extend the replacement cycle of the air filter, and make it more economical to use.

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