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Aicrane Mobile Gantry Crane

Gantry Crane

Aicrane large mobile gantry crane for sale:

  • Capacity 10-800 ton, custom design according to your needs.
  • Mounted on a set of rubber tires, allowing it to move around the job site with ease and flexibility.
  • Widely used in shipyards, warehouses, construction sites, power plants, logistics stations, steel plants, etc.

Industries Using Large Mobile Gantry Cranes

Aicrane mobile gantry crane is an efficient and flexible lifting solution for a variety of industries that require heavy lifting and transport of materials. The common industries using gantry mobile crane include: construction, shipbuilding, warehousing and logistics, manufacturing, energy and utilities, steel industry and more.

Shipping and Logistics
Steel Industry
Power Generation

Large Mobile Gantry Crane for Construction
Movable gantry cranes are commonly used in the construction industry to lift and move heavy building materials such as steel beams, concrete blocks, and prefabricated modules.

Mobile Gantry Crane for Port
Large mobile gantry cranes are a flexible solution for shipping and logistics in ports, shipping yards, and other industrial facilities. These cranes are used for a variety of tasks, such as loading and unloading shipping containers, moving and storing heavy cargo, etc.

Mobile Gantry Crane for Lifting Tank
Mobile lifting gantry cranes can be used in manufacturing facilities to move large and heavy equipment and materials, such as tanks, large steel pipes, heavy machinery components, and raw materials.

Movable gantry crane for steel industry
Mobile gantry cranes are commonly used in the steel industry for a variety of tasks, such as loading and unloading materials, moving steel coils and plates, and assembling steel structures.

Mobile Gantry Crane for Lifting Wind Turbines
Mobile gantry cranes are often used in power generation facilities to lift and transport heavy equipment, such as turbines, generators, and transformers.

Different Types And Design

Our rubber tyred mobile gantry cranes come in a range of structural forms to fit different work conditions: single-beam, double-beam, and A-frame type. They can be electrically or hydraulically driven to meet different customers’ requirements.

We can also tailor the mobile rubber tired gantry cranes to meet your specific requirements. If you are looking for a highly efficient, flexible and mobile way to handle heavy loads, the Aicrane industrial mobile gantry crane is a perfect choice!

Electric Mobile Gantry Crane
DTL Single Girder Mobile Gantry Crane
Electric Drive

Single Beam Mobile Gantry Crane
YTL Single Girder Mobile Gantry Crane
Hydraulic Drive

Electric Double Girder Mobile Gantry Crane
DTLS Double Girder Mobile Gantry Crane
Electric Drive

Hydraulic Double Girder Mobile Gantry Crane
YTLS Double Girder Mobile Gantry Crane
Hydraulic Drive

Mobile A-frame Gantry Crane
MGT Mobile A-Frame Gantry Crane
With Single Trolley

A-frame Mobile Gantry Crane
MGT A-Frame Mobile Gantry Crane
With Double Trolley

Are you looking to buy a mobile gantry crane? Tell us your specific requirements, and our professional engineer team will provide a customized solution for your business.
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How Does A Mobile Gantry Crane Work?

Unlike traditional gantry cranes, which can only operate in two directions and move along a fixed track, our mobile gantry cranes run on rubber tires and can move 360°, making them ideal for lifting and moving heavy loads in large outdoor yards. Different operation modes enable the moveable gantry crane to perform various operations, such as straight forward and backward, 90-degree lateral movement, oblique movement, pivot steering, Ackerman steering, forward swing and retral swing, etc., to maximize the use of the available space.

Different Spreaders Used With Movable Gantry Cranes

There are several different types of spreaders that can be used with large mobile gantry cranes, depending on the specific application and the types of loads being lifted. Some of the most common types of spreaders include: lifting beam, coil spreader, lifting clamp, bulk material spreader, container spreader, etc.

Container Spreader
Container Spreader

coil spreader
Coil Spreader

Lifting Clamp
Lifting Clamp

Lifting Beam
Lifting Beam



Mobile Gantry Crane Scheme Design

Our mobile gantry crane solutions can be custom designed and built to meet specific requirements and needs. The following are the movable gantry crane
scheme designs that we have provided for some customers in the past:

25T+25T Mobile Gantry Crane Design


Hydraulic Double Girder Mobile Gantry Crane

Lifting capacity: 25T+25T

Span: 13.4m

Lifting height: 12m

Work duty: A4

60 Ton Mobile Gantry Crane Design


Electric A-frame Mobile Gantry Crane

Lifting capacity: 60T

Span: 21m

Lifting height: 13m

Work duty: A5

30 Ton Mobile Gantry Crane Design


Electric Single Girder Mobile Gantry Crane

Lifting capacity: 30T

Span: 14m

Lifting height: 3m

Work duty: A4

100 Ton Mobile Gantry Crane Design


Hydraulic Single Beam Mobile Gantry Crane

Lifting capacity: 100T

Span: 7m

Lifting height: 7m

Work duty: A4


25T+25T Mobile Gantry Crane Design
60 Ton Mobile Gantry Crane Design
30 Ton Mobile Gantry Crane Design
100 Ton Mobile Gantry Crane Design

Cases of Aicrane Mobile Gantry Cranes

10 Ton Mobile Gantry Crane in UAE
Mobile Gantry Crane For Maintenance Operation in UAE

Lifting capacity:


Work condition:

Maintenance of valves in a power plant


Single beam, electric drive

A nuclear power plant in UAE uses Aicrane single beam 10 ton mobile gantry crane for the maintenance of valves, and the mobile crane runs straight forward and backward for maintenance operation. The client company is responsible for the operation and maintenance of Units 1-4 of the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant, the first nuclear power plant in UAE, using nuclear energy to provide a safe, reliable, clean and sustainable low-carbon electricity supply.

20T+20T Mobile Gantry Crane for Construction
Mobile Gantry Crane For A Construction Project

Lifting capacity:


Work condition:

Lifting concrete block


Double beam, hydraulic drive

The 20T+20T mobile gantry crane is used for lifting and moving concrete block at a construction site. The crane is a double girder structure, hydraulically driven, with two hooks that can lift two loads simultaneously.

Aicrane Team

Why Buy Mobile Gantry Cranes From Aicrane?

Looking for reliable mobile gantry crane manufacturers and suppliers? Aicrane can be a great choice for the following reasons:

Mobile Gantry Crane Solution Design
Professional Solution Design
Aicrane technical team and project consultants work together to fully discuss product requirements and budgets with customers, and provide the most suitable solution based on the information provided by customers. Our professional engineer team is committed to developing and implementing innovative lifting solutions that help our customers meet their goals and drive growth of their business.

Aicrane Customer Service Team
One-to-one Order Follow-up
The customer service specialist will follow up the order execution one-on-one, report the progress regularly, arrange the delivery, installation and other work in advance to ensure the timely production and delivery to the customer site. According to customer requirements, customer service specialists will also arrange installation engineers in advance to conduct online or on-site installation guidance, operator training, etc.

Packaging and Shipping of Gantry Cranes
Safe and Reliable Packaging and Shipping
All of our mobile gantry crane products are packed firmly and safely, minimizing possible equipment damage during shipping. According to different transportation methods, plastic film, bubble film, wooden box, etc., can be used for packaging. Aicrane also has a dedicated shipping team to book containers, prepare and confirm customs clearance documents for customers.

Aicrane After-sales Service
After-sales Service
Aicrane after-sales service specialists provide 7*24 hours of after-sales service, conduct regular customer return visits to understand the operation conditions of the equipment. According to customer requirements, we can provide online or onsite installation guidance. We also have local installation teams in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Uzbekistan and other countries to provide door-to-door service.

Benefits of Using Mobile Gantry Cranes

Mobile gantry cranes can be easily moved around the job site to where they are needed, providing greater flexibility in terms of handling different types of loads and materials.

Mobile gantry cranes can lift and move heavy loads with ease, with load capacity up to 800 tons to meet your heavy duty applications.

Our mobile workshop gantry cranes are designed with safety in mind, with features such as anti-sway systems, overload protection, and emergency stop buttons, which can help prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace.

By using a mobile gantry crane, you can improve you operational efficiency and productivity by reducing the time and manpower required to move and handle heavy loads.

Mobile portal cranes are generally more cost-effective than fixed gantry cranes or other lifting equipment, as they can be easily moved and repositioned, eliminating the need for costly infrastructure and maintenance.

Mobile Gantry Cranes for Sale

Different Control Methods For Mobile Gantry Cranes

There are several control methods available for mobile gantry cranes. The choice of control method depends on several factors, including the specific application and the operator’s preferences.

Remote Control
Radio Remote Control
This method involves a remote control that operates the mobile gantry crane. The operator can control the crane’s movement, hoisting, and other functions from a safe distance, providing greater flexibility and safety. The remote control unit typically includes a joystick or control buttons for operating the crane, as well as an emergency stop button in case of an emergency.

Cabin Control
The cabin control method involves a cabin located on the crane that the operator uses to control the crane’s movement and functions. The operator can see the work area and the crane’s surroundings, making it easier to control the crane’s movement. This type of control is often used for larger mobile gantry cranes or in situations where the operator needs a close-up view of the load being lifted.

How to Select the Right Mobile Gantry Crane?

Determine the capacity
The capacity of the crane is one of the most important factors to consider. You need to ensure that the crane you choose has a lifting capacity that is suitable for the loads you need to move.

Determine the span
The span of the gantry mobile crane refers to the distance between the two legs of the crane. You need to ensure that the span of the crane is suitable for the area where you will be using it.

Determine the height
The height of the crane is another important consideration. You need to ensure that the crane is tall enough to lift your loads to the required height.

Determine the uses
The purpose of the gantry crane is one of the key features to consider. You need to ensure that the crane is suitable for the type and size of the load being moved.

Determine the type
Mobile gantry cranes can be single or double girder. You need to choose a type that is suitable for your application.

Determine the budget
Finally, you need to consider the mobile gantry crane price. Make sure that the crane you choose fits within your budget while still meeting all of your requirements.

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